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earthy, organic ceramics

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“I don’t have time for this” was my first thought when diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014.
Post breast cancer treatment, I had to figure out exactly what I did have time for. It certainly wasn’t my previous career. My brain seemed to have rejigged itself and sought more creative pursuits instead.

So, Shut Up and Relax Ceramics was borne, in Brisbane, Australia.

What I now love is making ceramics and guiding others in workshops. Taking the time to make and to celebrate each remarkable ordinary day of living is a way for my overthinking-never-shut-up-brain to chill out. Just a bit.

I don’t make large runs of products, I make small individual works. When you own one of my pieces you will have an original that you won’t find elsewhere.

My highlights over the last 3 years include exhibitions in Sydney with Amber Creswell-Bell, exhibiting in Paris Design Week 2018, a 4 page feature in Home Beautiful Magazine and contributing ceramics for Donna Hay’s Week Light Cookbook. I also stock in Boon Paris and ABC Home NYC.

I recently completed the 2019 BIFF ceremonial awards, dinnerware commissions for The Wolfe Restaurant, Noosa Food & Wine Festival and QAGOMA Restaurant. Up coming work includes a collaboration with Thalia Ho for her 2020 cookbook and producing work for Artisan QLD and QAGOMA Store.

I hope you enjoy looking through my shop and if you do decide to purchase any of my ceramics, I hope they bring you some of the joy that I find in making them and using them myself. 

Just take your time - you've got that! - happy browsing.  T xx

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2017 - Homescapes - Amber Creswell Bell - Saint Cloche Gallery, Paddington, Sydney

2017 - Outback Futures Art Show - Featured Ceramic Artist, Brisbane Boys' College, Toowong, Brisbane

2018 - D u s t - Group show with Clairy Laurence and Laurence Usher - Red Hill, Brisbane

2018 - Personal Space 1 - Group Show - A K Bellinger Gallery - Inverell

2018 - Boon Room - Paris Design Week - Paris, France

2018 - Christmas Exhibition - A K Bellinger Gallery - Inverell

2019 - D u s t - Group show with Clairy Laurence, Laurence Usher and Tiel Seivl-Keevers - Paddington, Brisbane

2019 - Entwined - Group show with Melanie Kilby and Lisa Guy - October 2019 - Paddington, Brisbane







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